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Thompson Institute

Transforming lives through mental health research, training and treatment

Trusted. Trailblazing.

USC’s Thompson Institute addresses society’s most pressing mental health issues.

We integrate world-class research, clinical services and education under one roof, enabling fast translation of the latest research breakthroughs into cutting-edge mental health practice.

Everything we do at the Institute is underpinned by the latest neuroscience, which uncovers promising new insights into mental health and how it is linked to our brain structure and function.

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The unique integration of research areas supports fast translation of research breakthroughs into practice.

Education and training

High-quality education for post-graduate students, higher degree researchers, and the community.

Clinical Services

Mental health services informed by the latest evidence.

Meet our team

Get to know the people transforming lives through mental health research, training and treatment.

Latest news

Fireworks in the sky, chaos in the mind
29 Jun

Percy would have felt rattled every time a firework erupted in the sky above.

Brain ‘fingerprinting’ provides insights into mental health of young adolescents
16 Jun

Medical imaging of a person’s unique brain signature – much like a fingerprint – has the potential to predict mental health problems in young adolescents, according to a world-first study by University of the Sunshine Coast researchers.

New National PTSD Centre brings new hope to trauma survivors
13 Apr

A mental health counsellor, who was seven-years-old when she saw her mother electrocuted, says a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder research centre on the Sunshine Coast could help change the lives of millions across Australia.

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