20世纪60年代,摩顿湾地区迅速扩张, 凯特·史密斯’s grandfather was fortunate enough to secure a house on a hill for a bargain price.

The house had a back room with views which made it perfect for gathering to watch fireworks – whether they be fireworks at the Ekka or launched from north Brisbane’s various sports grounds and suburban fetes.



从童年, 凯特的一些最美好的回忆都来自那个房间, 当天空爆发出壮观的色彩时,大家庭成员挤在一起.

“It was only a few years before his death that Grandad confessed he couldn’t stand fireworks, 同样的美好回忆也曾在他内心引发恐惧,劳顿居民凯特说.

他透露,他经常会和狗狗躲到休息室看电视, 这样beat365体育主页就不会注意到他慌乱了.

“想到这种难以置信的坚忍,我很难过, tough man lived most of his life with this secret he felt he couldn’t share with those who loved him so much.

“他把别人的幸福放在自己的幸福之前, 我相信beat365体育主页所有人都愿意用这些时间来换取他没事的消息.”

The exploding fireworks vividly reminded Kate’s grandfather of living in the English cities of London and Hull as surrounding neighbourhoods were bombed in the Second World War.

They reminded him of the threat of torpedoes around him as he 十几岁的时候在皇家海军服役,曾在北冰洋和北海航行.

The fireworks that enraptured the rest of his family brought back memories of those times his warship provided covering fire as it accompanied landings in northern Europe where lives were lost by the thousands.

Each Anzac Day this same man would stand proudly in his blazer and beret with a chest full of medals, 但在内心深处,他仍然承受着70年前发生的事情.

“但是你知道, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is not something which is confined to older people or war veterans,史密斯太太说.

“随着时间的推移,我开始知道还有其他的, 更年轻的家庭成员和朋友被诊断患有PTSD, 不管这是不是意外造成的, 他们的童年或其他创伤性经历.

“我从爷爷那里学到的教训是,要留意别人可能正在经历的事情, 提前解决这个问题, 并寻求正确的治疗——否则可能会牺牲几十年的快乐.”








珀西, 图为他和妻子玛丽身着制服, 十几岁的时候在皇家海军服役,曾在北冰洋和北海航行.

珀西, 图为他和妻子玛丽身着制服, 十几岁的时候在皇家海军服役,曾在北冰洋和北海航行.





A multimillion-dollar national PTSD Centre is set to be formed at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s 汤普森研究所,之后分配了8美元.最近的联邦预算中有300万, 以及当地慈善家罗伊和诺拉·汤普森捐赠的600万美元.

汤普森研究所整合了世界一流的研究, 临床服务, 把教育放在一个屋檐下, 使最新的精神健康研究结果得以快速翻译.

研究所所长 吉姆Lagopoulos教授 她说创伤后应激障碍并不总是立即显现,而且会随着时间的推移慢慢影响一些人.


“It might commence as a few sleepless nights, a mood dysregulation, feeling sadder than usual.

“If those signs last more than three months it is chronic and can be a lot harder to treat by the time the person reaches out for help.”

Professor Lagopoulos says the current prevalence of PTSD in Australian society is around eight per cent of the broader population.

That figure is doubled for people working as front-line responders such as ambulance officers, 护理人员, 消防员和军事人员. 事实上, in particularly trying circumstance the rate of PTSD can be 20 percent for particular professions.

“虽然创伤后应激障碍还有很多不为人知的地方, beat365体育主页知道的一件事是创伤有累积效应,Lagopoulos教授说.

“If you see or experience traumatic events on a regular basis – say as an ambulance officer attending five or six traumatic events in a shift – it has a negative impact on the function of the brain. 这就是为什么beat365体育主页在某些职业中看到这种集中.

“然而,同样真实的是,创伤后应激障碍可以是令人难以置信的个人主义. 有时,一个人在车祸中可能不会受到严重的创伤, but a person walking on the other side of the road in the distance might witness the accident and develop PTSD.

“Something which isn’t widely understood is that traumatic incidents actually result in the loss of brain cells in particular regions of the brain.

“One of the key things we are looking at in our research – and where we are confident of finding answers – is ways to promote the regeneration of cells in the affected areas of the brain.”

低剂量氯胺酮 是一个特别有前途的调查方法吗.

历史上用作麻醉剂, ketamine engages a specific brain receptor which has subsequent positive effects on cell regeneration and ultimately cerebral processing.


One of the researchers pursuing the low-dose ketamine avenue at the 汤普森研究所 is PhD student Cyrana Gallay, 有经历过创伤后应激障碍影响的人.

“I worked  with refugees and asylum seekers at a camp in Ghana, West Africa,” Ms Gallay says.


许多人是从利比里亚和科特迪瓦战火纷飞的局势中逃离的. 我周围都是经历创伤后应激障碍的邻居和同事, 但我当时并没有完全意识到这种情况是如何出现的.

Cyrana Gallay和Gracy Forsyth

Cyrana Gallay和Gracy Forsyth

“现在,寻找低成本的产品对我来说是一种非常有意义的热情, 创伤后应激障碍的非侵入性治疗, 哪些提供低副作用的概况和高度有效.


The Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay region might seem a world removed from a refugee camp situation, 但创伤后应激障碍的问题有着特别的相关性.

“It’s such a beautiful, sun-filled, coastal place which feels like paradise to many,” Ms Gallay says.

“有时, people processing a traumatic event may think that escaping to somewhere peaceful and serene will free them of their troubles. 但事实并非如此.”

汤普森研究所 colleague and fellow PhD candidate Grace Forsyth believes there are two important aspects to consider when assessing the communal impacts of PTSD.

Cyrana Gallay和Gracy Forsyth

Cyrana Gallay和Gracy Forsyth

首先, it is important to consider the myriad ways in which PTSD may impact someone’s daily life -- whether that be an inability to maintain a steady job, 极度避免公共场所, 情感失调的毛病, 或者很难建立亲密关系.

其次, 与创伤后应激障碍患者亲密接触的亲人, are often highly impacted but don’t receive adequate information or resources for support.

“People might feel that parts of their personality have changed since experiencing a trauma, 却没有意识到自己患上了创伤后应激障碍. 如果确诊, those around them might start to question why they have become more aggressive or depressive, 例如,格雷斯说.

“The impacts can range from that person no longer participating in their family or engaging with their community, to the economic consequences of a reduced workforce and an overloaded medical care system.”


除了那些参与战斗暴露和紧急情况的人, another often-unmentioned group with particular prevalence of PTSD is survivors of sexual assault.

The difficulty in treating PTSD is that negative thoughts can be initiated by all manner of stimuli, 是否是对人类任何感官的反应, 或者回忆事件.

“有些人会对拥挤的空间或特定的声音产生反应, 我认识一个消防员,他的创伤后应激障碍是被烟味引起的,福赛斯说.



“Those who have experienced war-time conflict might be triggered by a car backfiring or a similar noise that others might find innocuous.

“因为这个原因, we have to explore the neurobiology of PTSD and investigate novel inroads which have overarching application in a broad range of situations, 而不是具体的案例.”


自2018年以来的操作, 南加州大学的汤普森研究所是一个世界级的研究中心, 为澳大利亚最紧迫的心理健康问题提供教学和临床服务.